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                    Why is your product so good, but it doesn’t sell?
                    time:2020-11-18 16:44:29  click rate:0

                    A lot of entrepreneurial students say, I'm really doing marketing, why is our product still not selling?

                    In the era of information explosion, good products ≠ customer cognition, and good marketing = customer purchase. How to do a good job in marketing, so that the performance doubled growth?

                    We found that most of the entrepreneurial students knew the various core value points of the research product. In the process of sales communication, we talked about the features of the product for a long time, but the customer did not move, the most important thing is that the customer did not hear what he wanted to hear.

                    The value is less than, the price does not quote.

                    Many entrepreneurs talk about their own products, such as the number of treasures, when it comes to the benefits of efficacy, the head. But ask how sales are doing:

                    We think the price is affordable, but customers would rather buy high brand;

                    We think the product is good, but the customer is not moved;

                    We think our brand is good, but our customers don't know who we are.

                    Have you noticed that we all think of ourselves as "us"? That's a big mistake. Too many entrepreneurs look at themselves, not their customers.

                    Performance is dignity. So when we are shaping the value of the product, we should make sure whether we know the other side's demand point, what is the value the customer wants?

                    Otherwise, you are just telling others the value of the product. No matter how well you shape it, it doesn't mean anything to the customer, because what you shape may not be what he needs.

                    The first premise to shape the value of the product is to know what the value of the other side's needs are through communication, and what results it needs to achieve?

                    Only after we know this, we through the story of the product, whether it is the story of yourself, or the story of our partners, to share to the other side, let him see what are the benefits of the product to him, and be sure to highlight his needs some direction, this can let him feel on this product.

                    The process is to find the pain points through the customers themselves, and give them the itching points and selling points by shaping the products.

                    Teacher Yu Ge said: in the Internet age of "we Media", as a business leader, you must change from the original thinking of selling goods to the thinking of users. You want to find the customer's selling points, pain points, guide customers to understand the product, and then clinch a deal.

                    Because the problem in marketing itself is not the problem, the problem is the attitude; The problem in marketing itself is not complicated, the problem is in the wrong way of thinking.

                    There are many selling points. Which one is unique to your company? Which is the one that attracts users? Which selling point is the most popular?

                    The reason why the product doesn't sell is that every presentation you give lacks logic, because each presentation fails to capture the "pain point" of the customer and the "selling point" of the product.

                    In fact, these three words are not only the incentive of all marketing, but also the fundamental driving point of all business and all products. If your product's core value does not point to a single key word and you want to be truly successful in business, your idea will be empty, vague and meaningless.