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                    Medical weapon full of wisdom and feelings
                    time:2020-11-18 16:44:29  click rate:0

                    Due to the epidemic, the exhibition area of medical equipment and medicine and health care can be called one of the most popular exhibition areas of the Expo this year. The new public health and epidemic prevention zone in the exhibition area focuses on the most cutting-edge scientific research projects and innovative achievements in the global fight against the epidemic. Yesterday was the last day of the exhibition, let's take a look at these medical "black technology" full of wisdom and feelings.

                    The results of the fight against coVID-19 were displayed: the strongest testing and treatment equipment

                    There are more than 300 enterprises participating in the exhibition area of medical devices, medicine and health care, which is located in the part of 7.1h, 8.1h and 7.2h. Among them, there are more than 70 top 500 enterprises and leading enterprises. Companies are using their talents to come up with "first-release" products, and many coVID-19 vaccine projects under development around the world will use the expo platform to announce the latest progress. The products and services of the treatment, prevention and control of THE NOVEL coronavirus are also the fields where top pharmaceutical companies and medical device companies compete.

                    In medtronic booth, resistance to disease artifact in the most attention is the world's first integrated monitoring function of long-acting oxygenation Nautilus Smart of a new generation of ECMO extracorporeal membrane oxygenation technology, a new generation of products can achieve important indexes such as pressure, oxygen saturation, and temperature of real-time and accurate monitoring and contributes to the realization of mobile management, ECMO in critically ill patients for life during the transfer process for gold rescue time.

                    Telmo, a Japanese medical company, has also brought ECMO equipment with a host weighing only 8 kg, which is more convenient for transport and easier to operate. In the special period of fighting against the epidemic, Telmo dispatched ECMO and other medical equipment from Japan to assist Wuhan.

                    GE Healthcare's "Mural" virtual clinical command center and Noah's fever clinic solutions have shown their value in global epidemic prevention and control. Special "deep sky eye" CT combined with mobile X-ray machine for fever clinic can meet real-time application in 5G scene. "Deep Eye of heaven" CT is the latest achievement made by GE Medical. It has the functions of AI automatic positioning system and compartment control, which can save 30% of scanning time for a single patient. Today, GE Medical China has promoted the design and use experience of "Noah 1" to medical institutions in France, Turkey, Japan and other countries.

                    Seymour Flight has set up a mobile cabin nucleic acid testing laboratory with complete equipment, which is equivalent to the construction standards of Grade P2 and P3 in China. Such a small mobile laboratory will help the implementation and landing of the national large-scale screening program and accelerate the nucleic acid testing capacity of CDC at county level and above and general hospitals at level ii and above.

                    In response to the outbreak, medical device giant Danaher has brought a rapid molecular testing kit that its company, Saipei, has just received emergency authorization from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The product USES a single kit to simultaneously and sensitively detect four viruses with similar syndromes in patient samples, enabling qualitative detection of SARS-COV-2, A, B and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in just 36 minutes.