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                    Domestic new drugs run out of acceleration
                    time:2020-11-18 13:53:38  click rate:0

                    The novel Coronavirus inactivated vaccine, the world's first novel coronavirus inactivated vaccine approved for clinical trial, was launched. During the COVID-19 epidemic, China's effective response to the epidemic has made the world feel China's wisdom and the strength of China's bio-drug innovation and research.

                    As a national strategic emerging industry and an important industry related to national economy and people's livelihood, the importance of biomedicine is self-evident. Recently, the ministry said the active consideration will be 5 g, integrated circuits, biological medicine and so on into the "difference" national special planning for key fields, further guide enterprises breakthrough core technology, relying on the major r&d projects, manufacturing high quality development special strengthen key core technology and product research, such as strengthening international cooperation technology, effectively solve the problem of "their".

                    According to the Special Plan for Biotechnology Innovation during the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-2020), China's biotechnology will be fully "parallel" and more key technologies will be internationally "leading". In recent years, domestic policy support and innovation investment in the field of biomedicine have been continuously increased, which has accelerated the development of this field.