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                    Multiple first-line medical solutions: High-tech safeguards human health
                    time:2020-11-18 13:50:37  click rate:0

                    In the medical field, high-tech exhibits are blossoming. In the first time to participate in the Fair zaiding pharmaceutical booth, there is a debut of a magical product - "tumor electric field therapy". Sounds like something out of a science fiction novel -- can you cure a disease by wearing a hat full of electronics? Yes, this is the first treatment approved for glioblastoma on the Chinese mainland in 15 years. As a novel cancer treatment, it USES an electric field adjusted to a specific frequency to destroy mitosis in cancer cells, causing the affected cancer cells to die to inhibit tumor growth without affecting normal cells. Its combination with other treatments promises to really revolutionise the way cancer is treated. Zaiding Medicine creates an immersive experience integrated with the booth through 3D high-tech display, comprehensively displaying the magic of the black technology of "electric field therapy".

                    In the past Expo, the "world's smallest pacemaker" was very impressive. This time, Medtronic brought its "upgraded version" new product -- MicraTM double-cavity pacemaker system. On the basis of maintaining the same volume of previous products, the MicraTM double-cavity pacemaker system can expand the applicable population, and it has completed the first clinical application in China in Boao Lecheng, Hainan.

                    In addition to bringing health care products, Bayer, a veteran of The Three Kingdoms, also planted dishes and turned one side of his booth into a mini-farm. Bayer's Sunnis Vegetables Division will bring a sweet stem pine broccoli variety, Micius broccoli, which can be harvested multiple times according to different stages and different USES, increasing yield and revenue. Its crisp, crisp stalks are said to taste good after cooking, and it is expected to become a new favorite in the consumer market.

                    Some people said that the medical equipment and health care exhibition area is not as "good-looking" and "fun" as other venues. In the first two sessions of the Expo, the audience here also mainly came from the medical field. In fact, the selling point here is not "fun" and "good-looking", medical drugs and devices are a little esoteric, but they are indispensable good companions for human health. Here gathered the world's most advanced medical "weapons", intelligent medical solutions, as long as mankind continues to fight against disease, here must be the focus of the world's attention.